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Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry is taking the dental industry by storm. In order to stay competitive in the dental industry, dental clinics/labs need to quickly adapt dental dentistry into their workflow.  3D printing allows dentists to create anything from dental models to actual usable crowns, bridges and dentures, for the fraction of the time and cost.  Simply 3D Hawaii is here to provide the support dentist will need to make the transition into this rapidly expanding industry.

SLA  (Stereolithography Apparatus) is a technology that uses a UV laser to Cure resin layer by layer.

DLP (Digital Light Processing) - Instead of using a UV laser, DLP uses a projector scureen the cures resin layer by layer. This technology allow for faster printing compared to SLA.

Factors to consider when picking the right 3D printer


Digital dentistry we recommend a minimum a resolution of approximately 60 microns, which gives the best balance of build size and accuracy.  

Build size

Having a large build platform allows for multiple print jobs to be printed at the same time allowing for faster and more efficient workflow.  A build size of at least 100x60x75mm is what we recommend to allow.


With digital dentistry you can offer your clients the convenience of receiving their dental products within a few minutes to a couple of hours!  Waiting 2-3 weeks for items to come back from a dental lab can now be a thing of the past.

After-sales Support

Simply 3D Hawaii is an official service partner for both Asiga and XYZ Printing (Professional) and we are able to submit warranty claims, conduct regular service and provide technical support for both of these powerful dental printers.

Why choose Simply 3D Hawaii for your digital dental needs?

  • We provide local lifetime after-sales support to all of our dentist for all of our products. 
  • We carry a large inventory of FDA approved resins, so that you don't have too.
  • Locally owned and operated with a convenient showroom right in Aiea.

Best Overall

Asiga MAX UV
Asiga MAX UV

Asiga MAX UV

Ultra-Fast Printing

XYZ Printing (Professional) PartPro120 xP
XYZ Printing (Professional) PartPro120 xP
XYZ Printing (Professional) PartPro120 xP

XYZ Printing (Professional) PartPro120 xP