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Asiga MAX UV


Asiga MAX UV

***This item is special order only and will arrive in 14-21 days, printer can be dropped shipped to customer's business***


The Asiga MAX™ UV is the world’s most advanced lab 3D printer offering exceptional productivity in a small footprint. With 62µm HD print precision, the Asiga MAX™ is optimized for dental and audiology lab production. Proven performance and unrivaled repeatability. The MAX UV is the industry benchmark for precision digital dentistry 3D printing. Optimized for the production of all types of digital dentistry appliances from restorative dentistry through to orthodontic.

The Max Includes:

  • Asiga MAX UV
  • Asiga Calibration Tool Kit - All the tools you need to calibrate your Asiga 3D printer.
  • Asiga Flash - A compact post curing device for curing parts after printing.
  • Asiga Composer Software - Composer is the software interface to all our 3D Printers. Powerful, intuitive and free
  • Asiga 1L Material Pack - 1L Asiga material pack included. Material pack consists of 1L material bottle and 1L build tray.

Product specification

Build Volume X, Y, Z 119 × 67 × 75mm   4.69 × 2.64 × 2.95 inches
Pixel Resolution 62µm
Technology DLP
LED Wavelength 385nm (high power UV LED) or 405nm
Material Compatibility Asiga materials, 100% Open Material System — use any suitable third party material
Software Asiga Composer software. Lifetime updates included
File Inputs STL, SLC, PLY, STM (Asiga Stomp file format)
Network Compatibility Wifi, Wireless Direct, Ethernet
Power Requirements 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, ≤2 Amps
System Sizing 260 × 385 × 370mm / 19.3 kg   10.2 × 15.2 × 14.5 inches / 42.6 lb
Packed Sizing 410 × 500 × 480mm / 21.6 kg   16.1 × 19.7 × 18.9 inches / 47.6 lb
Warranty 12 months manufacturer's warranty
Technical Support Unlimited lifetime technical support included
Bundle Includes 3D printer, Composer software, 1 kg Asiga material, 1L build tray, Asiga Flash post-curing chamber, calibration toolkit