3D printing can change a classroom. Imagine being a kid coming to school and you get to see your ideas created overnight into tangible products. At simply 3D we are your support network to help you feel confident with this new technology in the classroom. Work with our education coordinator with actual classroom experience on how to actually use these technologies in the classroom. You will not be left high and dry but rather gain access to a local company that will have your back.


Education coordinator and 3D printing experts instruct the class helping students understand 3D printing and grow their passion.


We are able to provide you with a premade curriculum package that will guide your students and teachers through basic to advance usage. As well as the ability to work one on one with your teachers to design a personalized curriculum tailored to your students needs.


We offer technical support with local on island certified technician's. That can support your equipment with no need to ship it away or let it fall apart in the corner of your classroom (like those old projectors).

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