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On-Demand Print Service

FFF-Fused Filament Fabrication

FFF is the most common method of 3D printing, as well as most cost effective. FFF extrudes plastics through a nozzle and prints layer by layer.  

SLA/DLP-Stereolithography/Digital Light Processing

These methods of printing uses resin and light to create the product. SLA uses a laser to trace and cures the print layer by layer. DLP uses a screen and cures resin layer by layer. Once print is complete, it would then need to be washed in IPA and then cured using UV light. This method allows for higher resolution prints than FFF.

SLS- Selective Laser Sintering 

SLS uses a laser that sinters powered plastic layer by layer. Because the laser only sinters the print, the unsintered powder supports the model, allowing for support-free models.

Metal 3D Printing

Using our Desktop Metal printer, we have made 3D metal printing accessible to engineers, hobbyists, and more!

Email the STL file that you wish to be printed (As an attachment).

Please follow this format:

Subject: Print-on-Demand-First name-Last name

We will then email you a quote for the printing service, along with any information that we may need to complete the print.

All finished prints are PICK-UP ONLY. Payment will be in-store during pick-up of print.