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LDO MK3S+ with BEAR 2.1 Frame and Cool Power Extruder *FULLY ASSEMBLED*



Color customizations available! Pick your accent PETG color parts!

This is the BRAND NEW November 24th 2020 updated version of the Prusa MK3S.  Be one of the very first people in the country to have this amazing printer with a genuine Prusa core!

The new MK3S+ has an upgraded PINA prob, which they call "SuperPINDA" and some other minor upgrades to make printing more stable.

The LDO MK3S+ is a genuine Prusa MK3S+ with LDO upgraded parts.  We have upgraded the X, Y, Z and E-axis motors with official LDO motors and included the new LDO Cool Power motor for the E-axis.  The LDO Cool Power motor runs about 10-15 degrees cooler and has various upgrades that makes it a must have for any stock Prusa MK3S.

In addition, we have upgraded the frame to an official LDO Bear 2.1 Frame with a Bear 2.1 X-axis, but we kept the original MK3S extruder so that everything prints with stock Prusa firmware and you don't need to use the custom Bear firmware.

All other parts besides the motors are genuine Prusa parts!